20 May 2013

Jasper And Friends In scotland

11Rosie - What do I do now?

We thought that you would like to see that we enjoyed our holiday in North East Scotland – lovely campsite very close to Elgin. Ed and Ossie were born nearby, so they were taking us back to their roots.
 There are lovely walks in the woods and by little rivers, nothing too hilly and best of all, huge sandy empty beaches. We grew up on the Isle of Wight, and Rosie and I love beaches. Rosie didn’t quite know what to do with the big hole that she had dug, so she then chased Ed up and down the beach (hard to believe she is twice his age) and I just enjoyed playing with my toy. I have come on so much since my stroke in February- almost back to normal. Ossie enjoyed himself too, he mostly likes beachcombing in the dunes – with only brief spells of exert.

ssssss                                                      Ed chasses Ossie
We visited a couple of interesting ruined castles and Elgin Cathedral (also a ruin) – all very dog friendly. One day we went to Dufftown – the heart of Speyside whisky brewing. We enjoyed some interesting smells walking past the stills. There are 9 distilleries, just in that one small town. Sarah and Tony had an interesting visit to see the casks being made – included a free tasting, of course. Hope to see you at the fun day.
Love Jasper

Jasper with his toy and Ossie in full flight toy.

Thank you Jasper,  you all had a fun time with lots of lovely walks and romps on the beach. I bet Tony and Sarah enjoyed their we dram and tour of the distillery. Look forward to seeing you all at the Fun Day.


Sarah and Tony said...

That's Rosie chasing Ed. Not bad for 14. She's getting fitter as she gets older

ed and rebecca said...

Great photos ! It's lovely to see them enjoying themselves.x