15 May 2013

Paula’s New Website


The attached photo was taken in February, when it was really cold - I call it Bedlington Jigsaw.  The girls really needed a clip, but it was far too cold to take off their coats.   The way they are cwched up on the vetbed, you'd think they didn't have any others, but at the time there were 5 vet beds floating around the house, and they all wanted to pile onto one of them.
I'm still keeping abreast of all things Bedlington, despite being busy with the course.   I'm half-way through and things are getting more demanding, but it's very enjoyable.   Two of my first pieces were recently exhibited in the student section of the SBA Exhibition in Westminster Central Hall, not something you can apply for, you have to be requested, so we had to go see them in London - I was there for the course seminar but the family came too and then spent the rest of the day in the Science museum.  I was allowed to photograph myself with my work, but not to photograph any of the exhibition sadly.   The paintings in the exhibition were amazing.
I have now got a website for my paintings and would be very grateful if you could put it on the Bedlington Blog.   I've also started a blog about the course, but finding time to keep that up to date can be difficult as I'm a bit of a numpty with Google Blogger and don't really have time to sit down and 'learn it'. 
Better get back to my assignment, I've a deadline to keep and no excuses accepted for handing in late work!


My website address is     http://www.pollyoleary.co.uk/
My Blog Address is         http://blog.pollyoleary.co.uk/

Thank you Paula, what an honour having your work displayed at Westminster Central Hall. We wish you all the best with your course and career as a botanical and animal artist.


poppydog said...

Hi Paula long time no see, your pictures are bedigedig! (Fantastic) Great to hear that you are getting on so well and really enjoying your course.
I love the bedlington pictures, hope to see you soon Maria, Alan and Jack x.

Polly said...

Hi Maria lovely to hear from you. Hope you're all well. Finn says Hi to Jack.