31 May 2013

Ronnie’s Baby Brother


Hi bloggers, here are a few pictures of Ronnie with her new baby brother Sparky! He's a whippet cross of some kind though we don't know exactly what, do any bloggers have any ideas? I'd love to know what people think? The word 'Saluki' has cropped up, in which case it's just as well we'rr moving to a bigger house soon! He's certainly growing fast and from the size of his paws he looks as though he's going to be a big lad! He is somewhere between 12-15 weeks now, though these pics were taken a fortnight ago so he is about twice the size now! We adopted him through Helping Pets North East who had rescued him after irresponsible 'breeders' gave him a bad start in life. He's been with us for a few weeks now and has settled in so well! As you can see, Ronnie loves playing with him- she's nearly 2 and still a daft puppy at heart so it's nonstop tumbling and wrestling in our house at the minute! It's mostly good natured though Ronnie does occasionally pin him down and remind him in no uncertain terms just who the boss is round here! Even if he grows to be the size of a Great Dane he'll still have a little woolly tyrant telling him what to do!


Thank you Carly, Sparky certainly has a cheeky face and how lucky he is to have found a  forever home with his new big sister Ronnie. It is difficult to tell what breeding he might be but he certainly has long legs and will probably grow quite tall. We will look forward to lots of updates.

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Sarah and Tony said...

Sparky you look gorgeous, and lucky Ronnie to have a new baby brother. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun together