08 May 2013

We Are Tired But We Had Fun



Hello All of our Blogging friends,
Sapphire and Jazz here, well where do we start? it is hard to say as we have been so busy lately with nice adventures with Uncle Ian and  the display training.  Last Friday Jazz and I went with Uncle Ian on a 10 mile walk which was great fun, we even paddled in one of the meres, saw a fisherman and just as we got to him he landed a 15Lb fish from the Mere. He told us that it was a pike and said that they were nasty so Jazz and I stayed back and watched him unhook it. The fisherman knew Uncle Ian from years ago when he used to be a tyre fitter so we had a nice chat  and lots of fuss.
On Saturday we went to Sleap Air Field with Uncle Ian and we met up with our friend Biggles and had a 3 mile walk around the perimeter road before he took to the skies in his plane on a pleasure flight which had been arranged for a  70th Birthday present. When we got back to the tower we had a nice cup of tea each and an egg and bacon buttie. Tthere was lots of planes parked on the tarmac and we over heard someone say that the aerobatics competition will start in 15 minutes.  We made ourselves comfy in the shade of the tower and watched the planes doing barrel rolls, loop the loops and stalls. Jazz and I enjoyed it and as we were being such good Bedlies everyone was fussing us as we relaxed watching the display. We spent from 9am till 4pm at the airfield and when we got home Uncle Ian made us a special tea for being so good.


Tomorrow  on Sunday, paws crossed, we are going to the seaside for the day and to play in the sand, Uncle Ian will teach Jazz and I to build sand castles! The two next weekends we are going to be busy, for next weekend we are off to Radnor Forest with Uncle Ian to Marshal on our first 4x4 rally event of the year and the weekend after we are of to two dog displays on the Saturday and Sunday. It looks like we are in demand!  Right now we are off to have another cup of tea with our chew, chews so bye bye for now we will let you know how we get on over the next few weekends. lots of love , kisses and  woof woofs from Sapphire and Jazz Bedlingtons.
P.S also we met up with another Bedlington Person at Tesco's who's name was Larry. Larry and his family are hoping to come to the Bedlie Fun Day in July cause we mentioned it to his human friends and they said that they will look forward to come and join in the fun.

Thank you Ian Jazz and Sapphire you certainly have a  full summer of  activities arranged. Good luck in the displays and we will look forward to your next report. I do hope we see your new friend Larry at the Fun day.


billy said...

plenty of piks from the rally Ian

k9 said...

we will try Bully