07 May 2013

Where Were We?



Thought we would give Hartlepool dog show a miss yesterday, we went for a walk with the weather been so good and took ourselves back in time. Where were we ???????.
It is nice to get out  with the dogs in this glorious weather, I don’t have a clue where you were, the  tram ride looks a lot of fun.


Julie said...

I can't remember the name of the place but wish I was there with you I love steam!
We went for a ride on a small scale steam train on Sunday.
Good fun.

Paul said...

Beamish ?


Should have given us a bell and we would have brought along a few scruffy Bedlingtons to match your Posh ones . Did you let Wor John have some Fish & Chips. ???

The Makems

matthew@seaofiron. said...


Lesley and John said...

Guessed in one Paul, spur of the moment Derek, had 99's, give you a shout next time, and you can get the fish and chips in from Davey's fish bar!