24 June 2013

Arthur & Erins Birthday too!!!


Happy Birthday to Viv today, it is also Arthur and Erin's second Birthday. I think Erin is hoping for a larger pork pie this year, either that or she can pinch Arthur’s while his backs turned lol. Congratulations to Lou & Matt on the birth of little James, I presume the sideburns come later! Seriously we look forward to meeting him. Best wishes Jane  

Ah the terrible twos, doesn’t time fly it only  seems like yesterday when they were entering their first shows!  Definitely the pork pies are to small one bite and they would be gone! Saying this hope they are being thoroughly spoilt and enjoying their special day.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Happy birthday Arthur and Erin xx

martin and julie said...

Happy birthday Arthur and Erin. Enjoy your pies!

Martin, Julie and Oscar