13 June 2013

Bedlingtonpictures Must Top The Ratings For A Single Breed Blog.

Capture 11111


Percentages from our  overseas visitors yesterday. Breed enthusiasts from 9 countries visited the blog.



Stuart said...

Congrats Les and Jon, you have reason to be proud. What is needed now is more comment from the "viewers"

Lesley 2 said...

Unfortunately many people use Face book and the bedlington groups to post comments.
Saying this the blog numbers show how many do visit on a daily basis. The blog is a much better medium for photos or news as it is will remain on the top page for at lest 24 hours! The blog has its place, on face book information of special interest can get over looked!
Also the blog is the bedlington news medium for those who do not have a facebook account.
It is a shame we don't have more comments but I am very appreciative to those who support us with comments photos and news.

13 June, 2013 13:00

Andrea from Neath said...

Wow that is fantastic Lesley and Jon!