21 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Ronnie


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Wishing my little sweetheart Ronnie a happy happy happy 2nd Birthday today! Here she is about to tuck into her pork pie with little brother Sparky (now almost as big as she is!) As you can see they have become great playmates since Sparky came to.us 8 weeks ago though she does still remind hin who wears the trousers from time to time... Happy birthday to Esther, Odie, Poppy and Ronnie's other brothers and sisters too X

A very happy birthday to Ronnie, it only seems like yesterday when we saw this litter as tiny babies! Ronnie certainly has her eye on that pork pie. A happy birthday to all  the pups from this litter.


martin and julie said...

Happy birthday Ronnie!

Martin, Julie and Oscar

Sarah and Tony said...

Happy birthday Ronnie, hope you enjoyed sharing your pork pie with Sparky.
love from Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper