16 June 2013

Meet Jessie

11111Jessie 1

I would like you all to meet Jessie she is a 4 year old beddy we got her from Rotherham we were told she was being bullied by the other dogs she has settled down very well with us thank you. Mary
Thank you Mary it is lovely to read that Jessie is now settled in her forever home. She must have been really unhappy being bullied, this little girl will really appreciate lots of love and cuddles!


martin and julie said...

There's a gorgeous looking girl!

Martin, Julie and Oscar.

enid said...

She's fallen on her feet!

Andrea from Neath said...

What a darling! So happy you found each other x

k9 said...

A BIG Hello Jessie (you little cutie from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian

Stuart said...

Nice to see a blue and tan which shows her tan!