19 June 2013

Meet Our New Bedlington Dog Milo


Hello Everyone ... Have been a fan of the site for over a year now since buying our two liver Bedlington Girls Holly & Rosie from pups. I've finally plucked up the courage to post some pics of our much loved girls and also we have very recently rehomed a Beautiful Blue Bedlington Dog Milo who is just so amazing that I would love to share some pics of him with you all. The lady we got him from had very suddenly and unexpectantly lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack at only 53 years old and she was unable to cope with Milo whilst dealing with her grief. He was very much in need of some TLC so we spent a whole day of pampering and just look at how well he has scrubbed up!. I just had to take these pics of him posing for the camera. I am still learning with my grooming techniques but with practice i think i am getting there.  He has settled very well considering what has happened to him and is getting along fantastically with the girls although its taking a bit for them to get used to the fact they now have a male who seems to be naturally taking charge. I am hoping to get a lovely picture of all the 3 of them together which i will post on the blog soon .
Much Love  Helen

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Thank you Helen and welcome to our blog. Milo looks fantastic and what a lucky boy to have found a forever home with two gorgeous girls. I am sure Holly and Rosie will soon get used to having a man about the house. Do send us news and updates, we love   updates especially from those who give a forever home to an unwanted bedlington. 


k9 said...

A big Woof, Woof, woof, woof (Hello Milo and welcome to the blog) we hope to see more from you and your family lots of licks and hugs from Sapphire and Jazz aka The K9 Marshal Crew

Kirsty and Paws said...

What a fantastic job of grooming you have done. He is a very handsome boy. Can't wait to see your two girls with him in a photo as we have two girls and a boy and he protects them all the time. Give them all a big cuddle from Bella and the gang. X X. X

martin and julie said...

He's a lovely looking fellow.

Martin, Julie and Oscar