25 June 2013

Miss Cotton Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday



Here is a recent picture of Cotton. She was 2 on the 8th of June! She's still got her lovely deeper blue colour but has developed cute patches of lighter colour and at the moment has a pale stripe all down her back. For her birthday, of course she had the traditional pork pie, which was mixed in with different dog food samples and dog biscuits - she licked the bowl clean! We are still going along to our Rally Obedience class and she's really getting there now. It's great to have that one to one time together and it really pays off for her general obedience at home and on walks. We may even enter a competition soon if I get brave enough. Emma & Cotton

Thank you Emma a very happy birthday to Cotton.  it is great to read Cotton is training in Rally Obedience, I am sure it won’t be long before she starts competing. I love to hear of bedlingtons taking part in performance sports, do keep us updated 

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martin and julie said...

Happy birthday Cotton!

Martin, Julie and Oscar.