18 June 2013

Rescued From A Shelter In Spain


These  two lovely bedlingtons were not wanted and found themselves in a shelter in Spain. Thanks to a dedicated team of people they were eventually taken to Holland. Emmie and Baps now how a wonderful forever home with Caroline Dalman. They certainly have smiley happy faces in this photo!.


Agathasmum Louise said...

These are the 2 girls that were left in a Spanish shelter by British owners at the end of last year. Wilma Janssen helped to rescue them and get them taken to the Netherlands where people were waiting to adopt them. Frances Fuller had also offered to take them and find homes in the UK if necessary. It's great to see them in their new, forever home - a lovely ending to what could have been a very sad story!

martin and julie said...

Very good to know that these 2 great looking dogs have found a new home. Well done!

Martin, Julie and Oscar

Sarah and Tony said...

Good news. Lovely to hear the outcome for these 2 dogs.