03 June 2013

Seamus & Bridie Update


Where are we

where were we?

Here are some recent photos of Seamus and Bridie.  We went on Bridie's first expedition and Seamus taught her to paddle at the sight of a very famous painting.  Bridie decided to dig a deep hole in the garden while a very bemused Seamus looked on. How do you trim a puppy that is like an octopus on springs after 5 seconds on the grooming table, and will jump off at any opportunity?  Sally

We've got 2 new toysBridie digs a hole

Thank you Sally what a bundle of fun Bridie is! On a  positive note at least she is digging in the flower bed and not making holes in the lawn. I think you are going to need several helpers to hold her when it comes to clipping day. Enjoy you bundle if fun!


Stuart said...

I believe there should be a wagon and horses in the water with a dog in the foreground!

Stuart said...

Perhaps it's a sign of the times that somebody's nicked them!!

Rod Chris & Lucy said...

Could it be Dedham in Constable country?
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys

Viv at Sevray said...

Wonder what Willy Lott would make of Bedlingtons? Not exactly a Suffolk breed....