27 June 2013

Today At The Royal Norfolk Show



Lovely day today at the Royal Norfolk show - the sun came out in time for the Pimms, strawberries and cream and birthday cake!  Yvonne Bannister came back to her old hunting grounds for the day, and was rewarded with BOB and Group3 with Miteymidgets Look of Love.  It was Mary's Brenda's 7th birthday, and she celebrated with the traditional pork pie.  Unfortunately she wolfed it down before we could get a photo of her sitting beside it!  How do all you people manage to get your dogs to sit nicely when there's grub under their noses?  Must be something to do with the East Anglian air.  Anyway, lovely time had by all –  good luck to all of you going to Windsor. Viv xx

Thank you Viv, well done to Yvonne and a happy birthday to Brenda . Sounds like you had a fun day with all that party food and sunshine, raining in Oxfordshire this afternoon!



Happy birthday Brenda, we'll tell your ma. Love the hat Mary bring it to the fun day along with the sun.

The Makems

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Brenda from The K9 Marshal Crew and Scary Mary Is looking like a RAY OF SUNSHINE.we hope to see you all at the fun day
Sapphire, Jazz and Ian