15 June 2013

Up Up And Away!



Hello Blogger
apphire and Jazz here again, we hope everyone is OK and fit. Well, where do we start from our last report, it's as if we have itchy paws we can not keep still. Over the last two months we have been really busy with displays and long walk. We have been out and about fitting in long walks around Uncle Ian working schedule and had yet another fantastic last weekend, to say Jazz and myself have been excited is an understatement. On Friday which was Uncle Ian's day off he took us for a 10 mile walk down the canal towards Llangollen which was very nice. We saw some fish jumping and met some of our doggie friends. On the Saturday we had a ride out to Clee Hill, we walked to the top, we could see lots of different planes and Helicopters coming into land at RAF Shawbury. We asked Uncle Ian what was going on and he said that tomorrow (being a Sunday) was Cosford Air show. We sat there with a nice drink and some of our favourite biscuits and watched the aircraft milling about. Jazz and I was not even put off or scared of the noisy jets coming into land! On Sunday after Uncle Ian finished the morning run (that's when the fun really started for Jazz and ), Uncle Ian took us of into Oswestry to the old railway station, not only did we have a ride on a railway train but we saw the RED ARROWS do a fly pass with there smoke trails. We came home for a bite to eat and something to drink and as we sat in the front garden low and behold we saw the Red Arrows again making their way home at low level, followed by a Spitfire which was fantastic.  We went off for another walk to the Lower Frankton Locks ( being on high ground you can see for miles) and by-eche did we see some fantastic things again. It so happens that the same day as the Cosford Air show was there was another air show on at Welshpool. We saw the Lancaster, Spitfire and a Hurricane making their way from one air show to the other and 10 minutes later they were followed by non other than the Vulcan Bomber. We all stood there with our mouths open even the people on the boats were amazed to see all 4 planes over head. That was not the end of the planes as a big Hercules came at very low level, flying up along side the Locks, we all waved at the crew then something that no one expected to see and that was the Typhoon jet fighter ( the Euro Fighter) came blasting over head. As Uncle Ian had to go back to work he took jazz and myself to see his last customer of the day , he came out to see us and we had a big fuss from him.

This weekend we have  display to do in LLanssanffraid in-between Oswestry and Welshpool on Saturday and then on Sunday we are going to the Ellesmere Food and drink Festival in town, Jazz and I hope they do some special doggy biscuits, we have yet another great weekend to come! Till next time lots of hugs to everyone of our blog friends in Blog land xxxxxx

Thank you Sapphire you certainly know your aircraft. I am amazed you were not frightened by  the Vulcan Bomber they are extremely noisy. Hope the display goes well tomorrow and the rain  holds off, heavy showers are forecasted for today. Enjoy the food festival

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