04 June 2013

We Are Still At Full Throttle!

Hello all,
Sapphire and Jazz here, first of well done everyone at resent shows. Uncle Ian showed us the picture on the blog of all our doggie friends with their human friends enjoying some sun at last. As you know over the last 5 weeks or so we have been busy with rallies and dog displays. Jazz and myself have been at full throttle playing and racing around the agility course trying to out run and tiring Uncle Ian  but ended up tired out ourselves to (ha ha ha )!  Last weekend we went to the Shropshire County Show which was a very big success. The weather was sunny, dry and warm, arriving early and being the first ones there we had a good look around the show ground. One stand  had a full size model of a cow and every time someone passed it, it start to Moo!  Jazz and I thought it was real, we stared at it and when it started to moo  we barked at it.  Everyone started to laugh at us, every time we went nose to nose with it it would moo and Jazz and I would jump two feet back, we didn't know what to make of it.


Back at the arena  we all helped to put the equipment up then Uncle Ian put our fishing umbrella up to make some shade.  Uncle Ian had a double display as he had to run with us one at a time and  by the time we had finished the display poor uncle Ian was tired. As soon as the equipment was packed away we sat in the shade of the team trailer and Uncle Ian went for an Ice-Cream the only trouble was  he never even got a taste, Jazz and I ate it al! Uncle Ian had to fetch another one for himself but Jazz and had our eyes on that one to.
After our Ice-creams we raced to the other side of the show ground as we wanted to see the tractor pulling and boy it was great.  As they stopped to redo the track we  a Hurricane and Spitfire did 6 fly passes. After we had finished looking around we headed  home  and after  tea Jazz and I fell fast asleep.


On Sunday after Uncle Ian mowed the lawns he took us out for a nice walk around Colemere it was very warm  but Colemere is great because there are trees covering the path around the mere so we  had shade and some nice spots for Jazz and I to go for a paddle to cool our paws down.


Last weekend there was nothing in our diary so Uncle Ian took us on some nice long walks which was relaxing and we had lots of fun meeting our doggie friends and playing chase. Our next display outing or rally will probably be the weekends before and after the Bedlington Fun Day, so for now we will say bye, bye and stay safe till next time lots of cuddles from Sapphire and Jazz xx

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire you certainly have had  fun weekends, summer has at last arrived and with next few days forecasted to be be sunny I do hope Uncle Ian is not working this Saturday and Sunday.


bill said...

did the tractor blow up Ian

k9 said...

Not quite Billy but they were puffin a lot of the old Diesal fumes out. But there was one there who's gearbox went with a big bang and all the gears fell out of it
From Ian

Stuart said...

Perhaps I'm old fashioned but it looks to me like it needs a good de-coke. Worked on my old Riley 1.5 which was similarly afflicted.

Stuart said...

Once watched an old Nissan blow up its gearbox. It was raining Datsun cogs!!!