30 July 2013

I'm In

"I'll worry about getting out later".

Summary Of Entries Welsh Kennel Club

Welsh Kennel Club -  Bedlington Entries, 25 dogs giving 24 entries.

August 2013 Online Kennel Gazette


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This is an edited online version of the August 2013 Kennel Gazette. The pages appear just as they do in the printed version, with readers able to turn the ‘virtual’ page with a click of the mouse. A zoom function is available to allow you to read the articles in the size of print which suits you best.

If you are thinking about buying a pedigree pup of any breed do read the kennel club guide lines on pages 12 and 13

Dog owners three times more likely to keep in shape than non-pet owners


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Summary Of Entries National Bedlington Champ show

65 dogs making 95 entries

28 July 2013

And Then There Were 5


2 babies have left for their new homes.  1 more going today.  Can't believe 8 weeks has gone already Jayne
So sad to see them go!!

Doggie Cake


cake13 001

I thought the bloggers would like to see a photo of a celebration cake at Leeds Championship Dog Show last Friday. I wonder are there any clever people out there who could make a bedlington cake?
Thank you Enid Definitely someone talented with a lot of patience

Lesley Meets Her First Pumi

This little guy is just six months old and on holiday from Holland in the Cotswolds.  He came over to Cheltenham today just so I could meet him . I have only seen photos of the breed so this was a real treat!

Parker Is My Star

Yesterday Parker came 2nd to qualify for the Tug E Nuff Agility Finals.

The best 2 dogs over 2 rounds, one agility and one jumping go through to the finals later this year.

Parker was 2nd out of 24 dogs. How excited am I.

27 July 2013

Cleveland Open Show

Results from today's show

Post grad 
1st Rubsters piper at jukenblu

1st sevray whisper at jukenblu shcm
2nd ch janmark misty horizon jw shcm 

Nothing in the group but weather was good and good time had by all Julie Oxbury.

Asha On Day 1

This round was only for practise. 

26 July 2013

Agility Tomorrow

At Cheltenham

Results From Leeds Champ Show

Congratulations to all the winners
Click Here for the results.

Milly Needs New Home

Can you help?

Hi lesley, I'm emailing because I hope you might be able to help via the bedlington blog, we have sadly had a major change in our personal circumstances and need to find Milly a new home, we wondered if via the blog someone might be able to offer her a home, I can send another pic if you need another, anyway I hope you might be able to help, we are in north lancashire.
Best wishes Jo walker.

Some info on Milly, she is 15 weeks old, fully vaccinated inc kennel cough, wormed up to date, travels well in the car, she is crate trained, gets on with other dogs so long as they aren't too boisterous, she hasn't come across cats & hasn't had much experience of children, but is otherwise well socialised, any other questions my mobile is:

Regards Jo

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Summary Of Entries Bournemouth

30 dogs making 23 entries

25 July 2013



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The K9 Marshall Crew Safely Home


Hello all,

Sapphire and Jazz here, well we got home safely thanks to Uncle Ian and the Bedlington Limo, and we would like to thank everyone who made the Bedlington Fun Day a fantastic day this year. Jazz and myself really enjoyed ourselves  and it was a nice little holiday for us to.


Before the Fun Day wekekend our dog display at Newport went really well. We  had a Dakota airplane do a fly past 5 times it was at tree top level and flying very low!  It was so warm we had our wet coats on to keep us cool. We set off for Brailes last Wednesday and enjoyed the company of Lesley and Jon,  the walk really tired us out as soon as we got back to the campsite we had our teas and fell, fast asleep but was wide awake when we smelt the B.B.Q cooking the nice sausages, beef burgers and spare ribs (yum yum yum).
When got home we went fishing with Uncle Ian and Jazz and I helped him to catch some nice fish, we think Uncle Ian called them Roach, and Perch.
We went to the top of the Lower Frankton locks on the Llangollen Canal where the  Montgomery Canal starts, it was so peaceful there Jazz and I sat there and watched the world go by, just right to recharge our batteries up before this weekend of Motorsport. So for now we will say bye, bye for now because Uncle Ian is calling us for our teas ( we can smell Chicken YIPEE ) bye from Sapphire and Jazz The K9 Marshal Crew.

P.S one of our friends on Twitter who came down to the fun day, sent us a twitter to say "thank you all for a great day it was so nice to meet so many nice people and nice Bedlies even their little Bedlie enjoyed herself, and hopefully wants to keep coming to the fun days)

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire, it was lovely seeing you both again at the fun day. Luckily it was not to hot and everyone enjoyed a very special day, roll on next year!

24 July 2013

Food For Thought. “Why I Am Ashamed To Be A Vet”

For eight years Matthew Watkinson worked as a vet. But are vets really the saints they are made out to be? Here, Matthew, 32, now an author, exposes the uncuddly truth about vets that every animal lover should read


This is an old article from the Daily Mail that has just been republished this week by K9 magazine. It makes interesting reading with a follow up of 200 comments

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The Early Risers



Archie and Dylan out on a early morning walk,still quite hot at 7 o clock in the morning but the boys love it.We always walk near water when its hot so the boys can have a paddle to cool off. Is it only us or do other bedlington folk come across people who have never seen or heard of a bedlington terrier?  We come across them all the time when we out walking,and if i had a pound for everyone who called them poodles or labradoodles or them dogs with the fluffy balls on the ears i would be a very rich man. Deborah

Thank you Deborah for the photo, it is best to walk first thing as the temperature is still hot late into the evenings. I am not complaining as it is so nice to be able to sit out side and watch the sun go down night after night. 

Six Weeks Old And Looking Just Gorgeous.


972246_10201494454382144_1206567459_n Thank you to Karen for for the photos, just beautiful babies!

Happy Birthday To Tony One Of Our Bedlington Fishing Team


Have a good”ne Tony, all the best from everyone on the blog!

23 July 2013

Don’t Forget The……




Three Working Bedlington Classes  Click HERE for working terrier classes



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Caption Photo Competition

Stuart has kindly offered a bottle of wine to the best caption to be chosen by Nicky at the Fun day

AND THE WINNER IS LOUISE WITH . Look Les, you press this button here, pump it's tail up and down and water comes out of it's ears! A bottle of wine will soon be finding its way to Louise! Many thanks to Stuart for the wine and Nicky for choosing the winner.

3rd out of an entry of 31!!!!!


We went to the B.G.S.D.T.C. AV Championship Obedience Show on Sunday at Shotton, Deeside.  We were drawn to go 1st and Dora worked a really nice round in which we only lost 5 points.  We ended up joint 3rd and had to have a run off.  The judge chose us to do a recall which she performed without a fault and I am delighted to say we won it so stayed in 3rd place.  (36 dogs in class)
After the work comes the play at the dogs favourite place and with Dora doing what she loves, swimming.
The fun day looked a huge success and good fun with such weather.
Best w
ishes Dot and the dogs

This is a fantastic achievement you must be delighted. There cannot be many, if any  bedlingtons that have been as successful as yours in obedience competitions. Very well done!


22 July 2013

Fun Day 2013

User comments

The Little Ballerina wins the fancy dress.

User comments

A grimace on Stuart’s face as he has his legs waxed by a couple of heavy handed volunteers!!   £157 was collected and will soon be on its way to Bedlington Rescue

Click HERE for more  photos

Best in Show For The Second Time!



Great day at North & South Shields Open Show. Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW Shcm winning Group 1 Terrier & going on to win Best in Show, under judge Mark Cocozza. That’s  twice she has been best in show at this show Nice ribbons. Mark

Congratulations Mark you must be delighted.  I expect you are the first to win  BIS twice at the same event with the same dog!

Gabbi from Germany and Diesel make a great new partnership


Lots of photos on the blog later. Here is a taster, this is our Diesel showing spectators how it is done with her new handler .

21 July 2013

Fun In The Sun

Everyone had a great day at the Fun Day. Lots of happy faces (except for Stuart) who suffered some discomfort having his legs waxed to raise money for bedlington rescue. I am not sure of the final total but it was in the region of £150, well done Stu! Both Hefin Jones and Norman Ames celebrated their birthdays this weekend a very happy birthday to you both.
Congratulations to Chino, Bertie and  Griffin who attained their bronze Good Citizen Award.
Jon has taken many photos of all the day's activities which will be on the blog tomorrow.

Fun Day Ends

All had a great time in perfect weather conditions.

BBQ Time

The night before.

Pre Fun Day Walk

19 July 2013

Fwd: Leeds Stake Classes

Well done great to see the breed doing so well in well supported stakes classes.

Hi Lesley, it was good results for the Bedlingtons in stake classes.

Puppy stakes, Honeymist Posh Dreamz, 4th place.
Petplan Junior Stakes, Aireview Dancing Queen Sh CM, 2nd place, in a big class off approx 35 dogs and big winnings £75

Sorry if I missed anyone with wins in stakes

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Also congratulations to Enid and Ecco who were 3rd in the veteran stakes

Fun Day Update


Don't forget to bring sun cream and parasols to the Fun Day. It's going to be hot so expect some alterations to the timetable. Some things might have to go indoors if it's too hot for dogs and people. The welfare of our dogs is of prime importance. So it's all systems go for the weekend!! There will be plenty of cold drinks available and a few sandwiches and cakes if you forget your picnics. Looking forward to seeing you there. Enid

Thank you Enid, please note there is NO natural shade in the vicinity of the outdoor rings.

18 July 2013

We Are On The Countdown To …………..



Working Bedlington Bitch For Sale On Faceboon


Click HERE and scroll down

Locater in Doncaster needs  to be rehomes ASAP

Fun Day On The Isle Of White


Bella here, well you will never believe what happened to us last night, mum took us all to Sandown, we thought we were off for a nice walk only we met some very special friends there! Sarah and Tony are on their holidays and they brought Rosie and Jasper to meet us, mum knew them a long time ago before their owner sadly died. We also met Ed and Ossie for the first time! We just had to take some pictures so left to right it is Bailey, Jasper Ed Ossie Rosie  and me!  We walked up the hill along the coastline cliff, peeked over the top to find that a new friend we didn't even know was going to be there and was playing on the beach. Howard is 9 months, the same age as me, he thought Rosie was great fun to bounce on, and she didn't mind one bit! So here is when 7 became 8 on the Isle of Wight


We caused quite a stir! Can't wait to see everyone on Sunday fun day! Love from Bella and the gang x

Thank you Bella what a great day fancy and meeting up with Howard! I think you should arrange a bedlington Fun Day every year on the Isle of White maybe some of us on the blog will join you. Look forward to seeing you all Sunday don’t forget your sun tan cream!

17 July 2013

Janmark Babies


Here we have Windsor and Eaton just two weeks old,  born to Mark and Jan’s VY (Justintime). I just love the little white milky paws. Thanks to Mark for the photos.

News: First dementia dogs start work helping owners


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Lovely to see just how dogs can make a difference!

Fun Day

fizz 004

Good morning Bloggers,
Fizz has the perfect answer to the hot weather - she wallows in the mud! It took ages to clean her up when we got home and of course Solo had to follow her. I blame Ossie the Labradoodle because he showed them where the best mud was!
The hot weather is set to continue through the weekend so if it's too hot on Saturday the walk will be cancelled. It is not acceptable to walk dogs in such hot weather - we'll chill out under the trees instead. It will be great BBQ weather though!
Reading Viv's story on the blog put me in mind of Hefin's  difficult encounter with a seagull many years ago. He was going on a house call when a gull was unconscious on a pedestrian crossing. The traffic had stopped and nobody wanted to rescue the poor gull. Hefin put it in the back of the car with the intention of throwing it into the river Taff. He went to visit an elderly lady and got back into the car. A few minutes later the gull woke up. It went berserk and started pecking Hefin's head! He had to stop the car and after many more peckings he took off his jacket and managed to catch the blighter and throw it over the river. It flew away with not a care in the world. As for the car, it took me ages to clean up the seagull poo. Moral of the story - never try to be kind to seagulls!

Thank you Enid. unfortunately the planned walk doesn't have any shelter from trees, it is mainly through fields, passing alongside hedgerows with a climb up the hill into Winderton. We can shorten the walk missing out the climb into the village but unfortunately non of the route will be in the shade.
Talking about seagulls and owls this is a  lovely video clip of an owl and his best friend


16 July 2013

Dinners Up

Watch Out The Owl Is About!!


Bengal Eagle Owl 

While we are on bird related topics I have a little tale about this weekends village gossip. On Friday morning I bumped into my old friend Carole, "I'm so glad I've seen you Jane" she said, "yesterday my neighbour Brian was working in his garden when he let out a loud expletive. As I know he's not normally given to swearing I went to see if all was ok and he told me a HUGE OWL had flown up in front of him!" Now at this point I rather pooh- poohed his sighting and suggested it was probably a buzzard as they are in abundance around here at the moment, finally but rather disingenuously admitting it could be an escapee. I went home thinking no more of the conversation.
After a lie in on Saturday morning, Trevor rose first only to return to our bedroom moments later, finger on lips beckoning me to follow him, we crept into the spare bedroom and I peered out of the window. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary I was just about to protest when Trevor motioned to me to stand on tip toe, for those who don't know me I am somewhat vertically challenged. And there about 3 to 4 feet below perched on our porch roof was a Bengal Eagle Owl! Now I know exactly which sub species of eagle owl it was as many moons ago I owned such a bird, bought for my birthday by Trevor. He was called Bargee and quite the sweetest, loveable bundle of feathers there ever was. We once came home from a raptor show, (yes there was such a thing!) at Stratford on a warm summers evening, Bargee on my knee on the back seat, I dozed off and slept the journey home with my face in his feathers, he really was a rare and gentle bird. Tragically he befell an awful accident that left me distraught for quite some time, we owned other owls and raptors but none of them matched up to his dog like personality which made him such a very special bird
As for the owl on the roof, falconry gauntlets long discarded Trevor donned a gardening glove and went down to see if he could coax him down and get a hold of his one remaining jess. Needless to say he was having none of it and flew off followed by a cloud of angry jackdaws and seagulls. Serves me right for being such a sceptic I suppose. Jane

PS  forgot to say won our first best in show at the afore mentioned show. Sadly not with Bargee but Trevors altogether bigger European Eagle Owl, Harry!

Thank you Jane this is a big  bird, lucky it did not actually fly into him. Do you think it has escaped from captivity? There must be someone looking for it. Saying this a few flaps of its wings and it may cover a lot of ground. Do keep us updated, I hope it is safe and can find find food.



Just a cautionary note for anyone walking dogs near the coast - I was taking Flint for a walk this evening up our road towards the cliff top, now that the temperature's dropped a bit, and I was mugged by a seagull. It was wheeling about, squawking, and suddenly swooped down and bashed me on the back of the head. I now have a cut on my head, and don't feel like walking the dogs up to the cliff top or down to the beach any more. It'll have to be a quick trip in the car out into the countryside.
Never again, when I see a squashed seagull in the road, will I think "Poor little bird". It'll now be "Ha,ha! Gotcha!"I an only be thankful that it was me the bird nobbled, and not Flint.
How frightening, sounds like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. Thankfully Flint was not the target.

Summary Or Entries For Leeds Championship Show

38 dogs giving 36 entries.

Tired Out



Hello all,
Sapphire and Jazz here, we have been busy once again with some good dog displays  and we have enjoyed all the attention. On one of our favourite walks with Uncle Ian we saw some young people who were having a go at archery. Jazz and I stood and watched, it looked very good until they saw us, dropped their bows and arrows and came over to us to say hello  which was very nice, as was all the fuss they gave us.


Our latest dog display was at the Newport Show on Saturday (boy was it HOT) we were glad Granny and Uncle Ian packed our wet coats to keep us cool. The display went very well considering the heat and on the way home Uncle Ian put the air conditioning on full blast (on cold) to cool us all down, by the time we reached the road Jazz and I were fast asleep on the back seat of the Bedie Limo. When we got home we all had our teas and fell asleep again! On Sunday, we went for a nice walk to Colemere where Jazz and I could dip our paws and paddle to our hearts content.
It’s all getting very exciting at home as we helped to load our trailer ready for this year’s fun day, Uncle Ian has already helped us pack our suitcases as  he is short of time with working this week. Hope to see you all soon at Brailes and so looking forward to meeting our Bedlington friends. So for now Bye, Bye and Woof, Woof, Woof from Sapphire and Jazz

15 July 2013

Our Beddy Whippet Puppy, Milly


Have just found the bedlington blog, thought you might like to see a pic of our beddy whippet puppy Milly, I think you'll agree,  she is pretty chilled out. Regards Jo Walker & Mill

Thank you Jo what a beautiful baby. Bedlington whippets are fantastic dogs and you will have lots of fun with Milly. Do send us some more photos we love to see puppies on the blog!

Lost Bedlington (Grit)


Click HERE for details

Yesterday AT Evesham Show


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