12 August 2013

Always By My Side

Hi bloggers,
Thought you might enjoy my recent tattoo, I've also attached the photograph it was drawn from. Now I have Ronnie with me wherever I go- needless to say the gesture was lost on her, though she did try to give it a lick! All the best, Carly

download (1)


Thank you Carly,  Ronnie will know  just how much you love her,  the icing on the cake is to have her with you wherever you go, fantastic!


Billy Fisher said...

Like it

Sarah and Tony said...

Sweet picture of a sweet girl. I hope Ronnie appreciates it, it must have been very painful?

Carly Fee said...

Thanks! It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I feared, surprisingly- the girl who tattoos me is very gentle which makes a big difference- plus I was dosed up on ibuprofen and cocodamol... Am really pleased with teh likeness, she's captured Ronnie's expression perfectly!