23 August 2013

An Up And Down Week News From Jasper



It’s been a bit of a funny up and down week. I was very wobbly on last Monday, and really didn’t feel too good. Sarah and Tony were very worried that I’d had another stroke, so I had a visit to the Vet. She’s a very nice lady, but I still don’t like going to see her. It was a bit embarrassing, I was jumping around so much when I got there, the lady vet thought I couldn’t be very poorly, and definitely hadn’t had another stroke. I had steroid and antibiotic injections and I’ve slowly got  better. I’m still playing with my toys and enjoying walks, although I run out of energy.

Sunday was such a beautiful evening that we couldn’t resist a nice walk on one of the disused railway paths. Nice and flat for me, and lots of stops to rest because there were tons of beautiful wild raspberries, which Sarah and Tony  couldn’t resist eating. It was a bit further than I thought and I got a bit tired. Some of you might remember my new transport for long walks which I was trying out at the funday. Well it was perfect, to rest and recover and then walk a bit further. Best wishes Jasper

Thank you Jasper I am so pleased you are feeling well again and enjoying life. There is nothing more relaxing than going for a carry me walkies with Tony, you must have a great view of all those pesky rabbits form your knapsack.


ed and rebecca said...

What a lucky boy to be conveyed in such style Jasper! Hope you have lots more up days than down days xx

martin and julie said...

We hope you get fully recovered soon Jasper.

Martin, Julie and Oscar

Paul / Debbie said...

Poor little Jasper,he looks so cute in his dog carrier.Get well soon little one.

Kirsty and Paws said...

Glad to see you are on the "up days" again Jasper. You are a very lucky boy to have such caring owners thinking of your every need. Bella Bu and Bailey send lots of woofs to you all with a "special one" for Jasper xxx