22 August 2013

Clipping a Bedlington


I  Just thought I,d let you know Trevor gets a bi monthly magazine " Total Grooming" and in the latest edition, Aug/Sept, there is a step by step feature on clipping a bedlington. It is quite detailed and all accompanied by photos, even giving clipper grades used. The website is www.totalgroomingmagazine.co.uk I thought it may be helpful to anyone thinking of having a go for themselves. Jane 
Thank you Jane I am sure this article will be very helpful to those owners who would like to learn to clip. Outside grooming can be very expensive. Professional clippers and scissors are not cheap but saying this you would save hundreds of pounds in the long run by clipping your own dog!


poppydog said...

Hi Jane this is a very interesting magazine, thanks for passing on the details Maria x.

matthew@seaofiron. said...

Has Nathan seen this!?

Nathan Brown said...

Ooo yeah I have seen this but not your comment, thanks Matthew.