30 August 2013

Essex Dog Day

Bridie makes the cut

Bridie males the final cut

We went to the Essex Dog Day again yesterday. Bridie made the cut in the puppy class. Not quite so successful with Seamus in the pedigree adult male, or the matching pair, but we enjoyed it all the same.

Seamus waits his turn

Seamus waits his turn We met 2 other bedlingtons among the thousands of dogs there, and Seamus & Bridie did a very good PR job for the breed. Lots of people asked about bedlingtons, and 1 family had been doing quite a lot of research on the breed. We answered as many of their questions as we could, and referred them to the blog with all its links, of course.

I'll just get the hosePeace at last
When we got home, the dogs relaxed in their own way. Seamus had a snooze in the sun, and Bridie decided to pull the hose off the patio to water the garden!
Sally & Sean.
Thank you Sean and Sally sounds like I missed a great family dog event. Well done to Bridie for making the cut in what I expect was a huge puppy class

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