17 August 2013

Groomer Required

Hi Lesley,
Kathryn Tredgett has always done a fantastic job of grooming our Bedlingtons but we are moving to North East Lincs in the next few weeks, so we are looking for a groomer in that area to keep Oscar up to scratch. Can anyone on the blog recommend a groomer in the area?
Many thanks, Martin, Julie and Oscar.


Nathan Brown said...

On the top of the blog to your right is a link to "Recomended Bedlington Groomers". I think Donna Walters is in Lincs also she is on Facebook.

Nathan & Guy

matthew@seaofiron. said...

Nothing more satisfying than learning yourself!?

martin and julie said...

Thanks Nathan we'd seen Donna's address and were looking for someone a bit closer.

Matthew..... I agree but I pity the poor dog while we're learning!!