21 August 2013

Happy Birthday To Bu and Holly


Happy birthday today to  Bu  ( Jetsway Magherita ) and Judy's Hollys (Jetsway Absolute Bling ) who are celebrating their 5th birthday. This is the the sisters at the fun day this year. Happy birthday Mummy and Auntie Bu x
Love from Bella

Thank you Kirsty and Bella, do hope the girls have a lovely day  and delicious special pork pie tea!


poppydog said...

Happy birthday Holly !! From your brother Morgan (Jetsway Captain Morgan)

Agathasmum Louise said...

Happy birthday Bu and Holly xx

Kirsty and Paws said...

Hi poppy dog,
You must be my brother too... It's lovely to find more jetsways through the blog
Love Bu

Sarah and Tony said...

Happy birthday Bu and Holly, love from Ed and Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Bu and Holly and a BIG woof, woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz aka The K9 Marshal Crew

BeanoMark said...

Happy birthday from Fergus & Oonagh! Woof!

martin and julie said...

Happy Birthday girls!

Martin, Julie and Oscar