18 August 2013

Happy Birthday to Oonah and Fergus

Here some photos we took of our two Bedlingtons Fergus & Oonagh (which you hopefully will remember from a previous photo I sent), while they were celebrating their birthday. Mark



Pic 01: Waiting patiently for our Pork Pie birthday treat. Pic 02: Nom nom nommm!



Pic 03: Yum, good stuff this pork pie! Pic 04: Fergus: "Leave me some, Oonagh" Oonagh: "Clear off, you've had yours!


"Any more, mummie?"

Thank you Mark,  I don’t think there is a bedlington on the blog who does not love their birthday pork pie!


Kirsty and Paws said...

Happy Birthday to you, how old are you both?are you related?
Love Bella and the gang x

martin and julie said...

Happy Birthday Oonah and Fergus! Hope you enjoyed your pies.

What a fine pair of doggies you make.

Martin, Julie and Oscar

Sarah and Tony said...

Nice manners waiting so nicely for your pies.

Sarah and Tony said...

Nice manners waiting so nicely for your pies.

k9 said...

Happy Birthday you two and a big woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz

Andrea from Neath said...

What beautifully behaved birthday Bedlingtons!

Bedlington Mac said...

Kirsty and Paws: They have just turned 1 year old and they are brother and sister. They are from Honeymist Kennels, so Fergus has his Dad's (Skuggans Bla Jack in the Box) Swedish genes.

Bedlington Mac said...

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments!

Bedlington Mac said...
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BeanoMark said...

Was meant to be logged in as BeanoMark, not BedlingtonMac, sorry for confusion.

Fergus & Oonagh say woof! and look at their own Facebook Page!