29 August 2013

Here Go Again


Hello All Sapphire and Jazz here. We have had a week or two when it has been very quiet  but saying this we have  had some very nice walks with our Uncle Ian, and we have been fishing too. Uncle Ian  has told us that we have some fun weekends coming up, as soon as he gets through next weekend’s work duties.We are booked to do the last dog display in Shawbury Shropshire, which should be great fun as well as finding time for fishing  The weekend following that we are off to R.A.F COSFORD to  a Battle of Britain weekend special and we are keeping our paws crossed we may even see the Lancaster do a fly pass. We also are hoping for a nice long walk down the canal near Welshpool to see if we can see any of our friends. Got to go as we are being called by Uncle Ian for our afternoon walk before we have our afternoon tea and cakes, see you all soon from Sapphire and Jazz.

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire what will you find to do once the displays and the show season  is over? You two lead such fun filled packed summer months!

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