16 August 2013

I Have A Bedlington


May I introduce Timmi to you and the Blog! He is a liver boy, tomorrow 10 weeks old! But on the picture he is 5 weeks! Heike

Wow Heike he is beautiful I love liver babies. Do send us more photos.


martin and julie said...

Timmi is soooo gorgeous, makes me broody for a liver puppy! Jx

jon@joncaines.co.uk said...

Heike, how wonderful you have your bedlington baby at last. Timmi looks adorable and I look forward to hear all about him on the blog.
Trevor, Jane & the Ruffsfurzes xxx

Heike Hancox said...

Thank you he is great! As he had only one lot of vaccinations he is not allowed out on walks... he loves the garden, so can't wait to finally go for walks! Took him in a dog sling out in the country side yesterday he loved it and was so tired afterwards!
Heike xx

Trish said...

He is stunning!! Can't wait to see more photos of him growning!