16 August 2013




Just thought u would like to see an update of our Jessie we have had her 9 weeks now and she is a real wild one we love her to bits this is what she has got up to in the last week dose anyone else have the same trouble !!! Mary
Thank you Mary, I love the mischievous look on her face! I wonder if she is related to ‘Ted’ he is another mud lover.


martin and julie said...

she could just be our Oscars sister she looks just like him, and he is mad as a hatter too!! How old is Jessie? Oscar is 3. She is lovely! Jx

Andrea from Neath said...

What fabulous pics of a happy beddy! I am lucky that my Boy doesnt do wet unless it is very very hot!

Mary said...

Jessie is four years old

Mary said...

Jessie is 4 years old