14 August 2013

Lets Go Camping

Hello Lesley

I am scouring the internet etc looking for a small campervan, as next year I want to take more frequent breaks with my Boy without having to pay through the nose for dog friendly cottages which I under occupy! 

I may be looking for the impossible, preferably something small and inexpensive as it will have to be my “day car” too, with a minimum of two but preferably three,seat belted passenger seats to accommodate my two toddler nieces and my elderly in-laws!  I am even considering buying a van and having it converted to my specifications as so far most of what I have seen have been too big or too expensive or too high mileage.

In my research I came across this link,  Thought it might be of interest (or maybe someone has already used them and can let me know how they found it).Andrea and Boy

Click Here to visit the Dog Travel website

Thanks Andrea I am sure you will get away for lots of weekends and have fun outings with a small camper!


enid said...

Why don't you get in touch with Elwyn in Tredegar - he's the one with the most knowledge about campers around here.

enid said...

Hefin thinks you ought to look at Romahomes.There's a lady who comes to many shows with one and she has lots of small dogs.

Bedlington Mac said...

The Mazda/Ford Bongo is a brilliant little campervan. Unless that's too small?


I've friends who own one, and another set of friends who rented one with their two children, just recently.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd mention it. :-)

Stuart said...

A smaller camper with a quality awning could be the answer. There are hundreds of awnings on e-bay

Sarah and Tony said...

We agree with Stuart - we have only a small caravan, but a big awaning, gives us loads of extra space.