27 August 2013

Outings For Darlington

Just had a couple of nights down at Knarsbrough CC site and spotted this outfit that Sahara  and Tony will recognise.  Not just a small Eriba van but even a small tow car and all the way from Germany!cid_BD56D25E-6736-4A26-9F87-E4E00EA4E46D

So for the folk going to  Darlington show earlier than show day.  As this years show is based at Ripon if you are there on the Thursday the market in Ripon is canny for a visit.  It's not too far to walk from the race course.  Nice pie stall.!cid_960D1592-7CB5-4AB6-A190-442E693ED567


Other outings close to Ripon where you can take dogs and worth a visit.  For those of you who are NT members there's Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Park.  You also can take a  nice leisurely stroll around Thorp Perow Aboretum which is on the Ripon to Bedale road.   Good for the dogs to run around. So expect to see some of you at Darlington,  The Makems

Thank you Derek I just love Ripon and the Yorkshire Dales, many moons ago we lived in a hamlet near Boroughbridge. If it wasn't for family commitments we would move back to the area.

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Sarah and Tony said...

Fantastic - love the retro car and eriba. One of our first trips away in the caravan was to the Knaresbrough CC site. You forgot to recommend Brimham Rocks for a lovely walk.