13 August 2013

Quiet Spell


Hello all,
Sapphire and Jazz here. Well thankfully we have had a quiet spell with no dog displays and no motorsport events, it has given Jazz and myself time to recharge our batteries. After uncle Ian had finished work last Thursday evening he took us for a leisurely walk down the canal to see if we could find a nice spot to go fishing. We finished up having a 9 mile walk which we found rather good, we even met some new doggie friends. On the Friday after we had a nice lie in (with plenty of cuddles), we got up we headed to Measbury Marsh, just the other side of Oswestry and started fishing, we caught some nice fish as well as played a lot. The only thing was, as we were just about to pack up at  a nasty insect stung me on my right front paw, both Jazz and Uncle Ian came rushing over and  from what Uncle Ian said I had stepped on a wasps nest. Uncle Ian was soon on the case got the sting out and out and gave me lots of TLC.  Poor Uncle Ian is highly allergic to wasp, and bee stings (hence he carries some injections around with him just in case),  he has now promised that we would not go fishing there ever again!
On Sunday we went somewhere different with the fishing gear, we parked very close to the  the tow path and  uncle Ian got the umbrella out for Jazz and myself just  in case it rained. It didn't rain so we had some nice shade from the sun. When we got home we had our teas and Uncle Ian put on a DVD and we  watched “Dogs Hotel” while eating some, very nice itches (Pork Scratchings) with a nice cup of tea.  Tonight (Monday) Jazz and myself hope the sky's going to clear up so we can watch a meteor show with Uncle Ian.
So for now we will say bye, bye we are off to team practice and cause mayhem with the rest of the dog display team (ha ha ha, nothing new there then) Lots of love from Jazz and Sapphire pups (The K9 Marshal Crew)


Thank you Sapphire and Jazz hope the training went well tonight. I expect it won’t be long before your next display. We certainly have had a wonderful summer but unfortunately Autumn is just round the corner and all the fun activities will soon be on hold until next year.

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Stuart said...

From what you said it sounds like you had a bee sting as a bee has a barbed stinger which it leaves behind. Much more painful than a wasp sting.