21 August 2013

The American Kennel Club Gazzette


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Do read page 21 Laurie Friesen’s article about cow hocks in the bedlington terrier

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Viv at Sevray said...

Have just read this article, and there are a number of things I'd take issue with. First of all, where does this lady get the idea Bedlingtons should have "well angulated quarters? Does the Standard not ask for "moderate turn of stifle"? And who decided Bedlingtons were "bred to course" - not the Brits, I suspect. Hocks may turn in (or at least appear to) on a dog if its muscle development is such that the inner muscles on the thigh have become tight and over-developed, which pulls in the lower part of the thigh and moves the positioning of the hock joint. This is not the same as incorrect skeletal conformation. This point was made many years ago by that grand old terrier man, Tom Horner. If you can find a copy of his book, it's well worth a read. And, finally, having judged the breed over the past 30+ years, I'd question whether cow hocks are "prevalent in the UK" to the extent that the correspondent implies, although it may well be an issue in the USA