14 August 2013

The Gorgeous Guy




Hi everyone, just some photos of how fast Guy is growing up from the first night we got him, his first groom to his last. Can I also thank Derek and Eileen Lewis for all their help and advice on the breed and grooming hoping to see you's soon for my next lesson ;)! Thanks, Nathan.
Thank you Nathan, Guy certainly has grown into  is a stunning liver boy. I remember seeing photos of him as a tiny dark brown ball of puppy fluff and after his first trim with Derek and Eileen.


Kirsty and Paws said...

Guy looks a lovely boy! So grown up now! He looks thoroughly loved and spoilt! The trim looks fantastic!

Trish said...

Stunning young man!

Andrea from Neath said...

Wow what a handsome fella!

Sarah and Tony said...

I agree - gorgeous guy. What a lovley lad

Nathan Brown said...


Nathan & Guy.