20 August 2013

We catch up with Bieke and Bonnie



During the hot weather Bieke and Bonnie enjoyed paddling their paws in the sea to keep cool and Bieke found a few shady places to sleep out of the sun. She likes unusual sleeping spots and it took a lot of effort and a couple of attempts before she managed to squeeze herself into this one!


They have lots of fun playing on the beaches and looking for rabbits on the heathland.  Although the colour of the rocks on our local beach does make it difficult to see them.


Bieke finally caught a rabbit last week and seemed very disappointed when she dropped it and it didn't get up to run off to continue the game.

Thank you Ruth and Howard it must be lovely to live near the beach. This summer has been perfect beach weather if a little to warm for the dogs at times. Well done to Bieke on catching her rabbit 


Sarah and Tony said...

you girls seem to be having a lovely time. I can't believe that that tiny box is comfortable to sleep in.

martin and julie said...

2 little sweeties!

Martin, Julie and Oscar

Ruth Carter said...

She didn't stay long so it can't have been too comfortable. Her usual choice is the potting tray but that was being used. She has also pinched an old blanket in the shed.