14 August 2013

Weekend Report


Saturday we spent the day at Slaley Show, an agricultural show in a small Northumberland village. It’s a nice small show, but quite a lot to see. Tony was busy with the Dry Stone Wallers, who had a display in their marquee, but also built a demonstration wall through the day.
We looked round the show,  supervised the wall building, and then took part in the small dog show. There were fun classes first – I came second in the Veteran class. We then entered the serious working classes: Ossie was the only entry entered in the ‘other terrier class’, so the judge persuaded Tony and Sarah to enter the rest of us. The judge obviously likes sturdy terriers, so I won, then Ossie and Ed were 2nd and 3rd. He commented that we were all very friendly; he’d had a bad experience, nearly losing a finger judging a bedlington class in the past. Here we are at the end of the day, trying out the stone seat that the Wallers built. Love from Rosie

Well Rosie sounds like you had a fun day and came hope with lots of ribbons. Well done for your second in veteran. How long did it take for Tony and the wallers to build the dry stone wall?  It is very impressive!


Stuart said...

These wallers are really skilled people. When the Lowbrook gang represented the Bedlington at the Royal show some men built a section of Hadrians wall in the arena in front of us. Fascinating to see them work. Got a photo somewhere so I'll try to find it and post it on the blog.
I wonder if Tony Waller's ancestors were wallers?

Kirsty and Paws said...

Hi all,
Sounds like you had a day full of fun! We are going to the garlic festival this weekend which sounds similar to where you went! Hope you're all well
Bella and the gang


Stuart no one's took the bait. Tony, I need a brickie.

k9 said...

good greif Tony Second in the Veteran class we thought you was to young to enter that class lol
from Sapphire and Jazz( The Mad K9 Marshal Crew)

enid said...

Sounds like a great day out. Very impressed with the wall!

enid said...

Just looked up the origin of the name "Waller". It's from Anglo Saxon period before the Norman Conquest in 1066. It was given to stonemasons established in Nottingham. So your not far off, Deryk!

Sarah and Tony said...

We know the team who reconstructed Hadrians's wall at the Royal Show -some of the professional wallers from our Northumbria Dry Stone Walling branch. Very skillful guys.