17 August 2013

We’re Back From The Cotswolds

Can we go in this car, please

What's over there

Rather late photos from our holiday in the Cotswolds that included the fun day.Sally & Seancccc

Bedlingtons have been our family a long time. When my parents returned from a tour of duty in Kenya, they decided to have a dog, and chose a bedlington terrier. This was in 1961/2 and Stella arrived in Bath by train from Diss in Norfolk. I can’t remember her pedigree name, but star was in there somewhere. We married in 1970 and soon afterwards we bought Seamus (mark 1) from someone who lived near Rugby. He was the last of the litter to be sold and was 7 months old. This photo was taken soon afterwards on High Bannerdown near my parents home in Bath. Stella is in the background, with Seamus in front.
Sean was in the RAF and when we were posted to Germany, we decided not to take Seamus with us as we could not bear the thought of him being in quarantine for 6 months. We gave him away to a lady who had just lost her previous dog. She had a large field for her garden. My in-laws told us that Seamus had his own armchair, and that the village butcher delivered meat for him daily.
We didn’t have another dog until Sean came out of the RAF. In those pre-internet days, we decided to have a rescue dog, and Jess, a 1 year old collie cross came to live with us. She had to be put to sleep when she was 14.
When we went on holiday soon afterwards, we visited the Malvern Autumn Show little realizing that there was a display on the history of dogs in one of the show rings. As a pair of bedlingtons walked past we both said that’s it. We spoke to the owners afterwards and they mentioned the blog, as well as the puppy registers and the 3 breed association.

Thank you Sean and Sally bedlingtons are definitely in your blood. I think the lady you saw was Margaret Ingliss. The show has a small Discover Dogs area in the stables and i do know Margaret goes every year with her bedlingtons.

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Agathasmum Louise said...

Glad you managed to get to the Fun Day. Hope you had a good time!