25 September 2013


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A friend of mine gave me this article from the Sunday Telegraph last Sunday. Don't know if you've seen it. I took the photos today outside a Florist in Abergavenny. The flowers are all knitted and I thought of Sarah! Enid

Thank you Enid there are some amazing talented people with loads of patience. I have trouble knitting a scarf and laboured over trying to knit winter coats for the dogs!
I did not see this article, so upsetting to read of another dog attack on a bedlington!

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Sarah and Tony said...

Amazing knitted flowers - thanks Enid.
We're off to Skipton this weekend to Yarndale. http://yarndale.co.uk/. looks lke lots of very clever creative people will be there.
Thanks for sharing the article, she seems another tough little character, like some other Beddlingtons we know.