24 September 2013

Back From Hols!


Trevor and I returned early Sunday morning from 10 glorious days on the Turkish coast. It was Darcys first stop in kennels, so we did worry about her a little, (Trevor usually calls before we even take to the sky to check they are ok!). Needless to say she was fine, as were the rest of the gang. It is funny how their reactions towards us differ on arriving back home, Darcy and Erin were elated, Maya was very nonchalant as if it were a regular occurrence. Arthur on the other hand went into a sulk until the following day, after a long walk with his baby sister his spell " inside" was all forgotten and we were forgiven!  Seeing as fishing trips seem a bit of a tradition with bedlington folk I thought I'd send a photo of Trevor catch, 3 mackerel and a small tuna. We were accompanied on the boat by our friend from the Rose restaurant so his excellent chef cooked them that evening for us. Quite delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So now it's all back to normal but looking forward to the Midland on Saturday and catching up with everyone. Jane xxx 

Thank you Jane, sounds like you had a wonderful time and a well earned rest. You are lucky to come home to this lovely warm weather just gorgeous here today to Oxfordshire. Pleased the dogs were not to upset about being left and Arthur has forgiven you. Enjoy the Midland Show on Saturday. 


Stuart said...

Bet that tuna tasted better than our muddy old carp!!

Mark Walshaw said...

What did your muddy old carp taste of? Mud. lol

Stuart said...

Finest vintage single malt!