30 September 2013

Balmy Seaham

Hello Bloggers,
As Saturday was a nice balmy day here in the North East we decided to have a trip to barmy Seaham Harbour beach.  Apart from the obvious reason to go to the beach, sand, and loads of space for the dogs to run around if the tide is out.  Seaham beach is also a spot for collecting sea glass which a lot of folk make into jewellery.  When the glass works closed at Seaham they dumped the glass left into the sea and over the years it has been washed and ground down into all sizes. We collect glass but just put it in a large glass vase.  It's even mentioned on web sites which are looked at from all parts of the world, bit like Bedlington Pictures.


We also met PIp for the first time, he's 6 months old, lives in Easington Lane which is not to far from the Makems abode so will probably see  him grow up.!cid_40AE7EFE-8A4E-436F-9607-FA39F6C172A9

There's a nice cafe down in Seaham marina, all new and if it's fine a veranda to sit on and watch the sea. Unfortunately not a lot ships use Seaham now as the coal trade has all gone.  Marinas might look fine and clean but where there was dirty coal there was a busy port. The Makems 

Thank you Derek what place to have a nice cup of tea and watch the world go by. Horrid to think winter is round the corner, we have had such a glorious summer and now autumn!  Lovely to meet Pip do hope we seem more of him on the blog.


Mark Walshaw said...

Looks nice Derek

Andrea from Neath said...

Oh that looks really lovely.