09 September 2013

Beamish 2013 - could you help us?



We meant to send this a couple of weeks ago, but things have been so busy: We have been invited back to Beamish museum to help with their Show of Agriculture : Thursday 12th -  Sunday 15th September, 2013


Since bedlingtons were important working dogs in the time of ‘Beamish’ they like us to bring some dogs along and do some breed promotion. If you live in the North east or are at the Darlington dog show on Friday and could stay on for an extra night or 2,  Saturday or Sunday we would appreciate some help on Saturday or Sunday. The more people and dogs the better, we can then rest the dogs and have breaks, and you could also get to look around the rest of the Beamish museum. If you want more information, please send us a message via Lesley.

Best wishes
Sarah and Tony, with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper


matthew@seaofiron. said...

We could be able to go on the sat or sun.
With our 3 and the bedlington lurcher.

Sarah and Tony said...

That would be great Matthew, I'll send more details to you later this evening via facebook. Thanks very much