24 September 2013

Billy and Jess take home the prizes!


Here is photo of Billy and Jess with there cups and rosettes after winning the terrier racing at the Warwickshire Countryside Day on Sunday, 22nd September, Billy coming first and Jess coming second.  Billy also came first in the working bedlington terrier class, a class of 4 bedlingtons, but he did not come anywhere in the championship.Great day out, hope they have a class next year. Regards Mark & Michelle Hadland (Moonlight Bedlingtons)

Fantastic well done! A really great day for your beddies. I did not know about this show, do let us know if you find a working show with classes in the area.



Well done, looks like a good day at the show.

The Makems

matthew@seaofiron. said...

Well done 1st out of 4.
Too many shows these days and people are up against nothing.
How olds Jess??

bill said...

You wanna get yourself up north
Nine in Issaccs class at the weekend and thirty eight in the ferrets
Eleven in the terrier racing plus the whippet

Lesley 2 said...

Mark please can you email me your phone number