15 September 2013

Can You Give A Forever Home To Ralphie

Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. As you know last February we had a little boy called Theodore. Unfortunately Ralphie has not coped with our change of circumstance and we sadly need to find him a new home without children. He has already tried one new home through bedlington rehoming but couldn't cope with their 5yr old granddaughter. Please could you post the photos below and this letter on the blog as we really need to find him a new home. If anyone can help would you be happy for them to email you, and then you forward on their email to us?



Thank you, Rebecca, Edward and Theodore x

Thank you Ed and Becs, Ralphie is a lovely boy and is dog we have seen on the blog since he was a puppy. Many people will know Ralphie as he was a regular visitor to our bedlington fun days. Do hope there is a special family without  children who  can give this lovey dog a forever new home.


Rod Chris & Lucy said...

We are so very sorry to hear that Ralphie is not happy with your new baby, we hope that as Hester was younger she has coped better. Its something none of us know, how our dogs will re-act to a new addition to the family.
Sending you our best wishes
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys xx

Adela said...


I am from Croatia and I already have one Bedlington terrier. I would love to help Ralphie and his family and give him a new home. I think he would fit in our family perfectly. My email is adeladmoll@gmail.com

martin and julie said...

Is Ralphie entire or neutered? He is a lovely dog and got on very well with old dogs Jasper and Fosbury.

We're wondering if he would be ok with Oscar.

Martin and Julie

ed and rebecca said...

Ralphie is seven and neutered. He has lived with both male and female dogs before. If you email Lesley , she can pass your email onto us if you would like more info.
Thank you .

Karen Milner said...

Hi Lesley we have a Beddie and would love to help out with Ralphie. We don't have any young children in the family so could be a good match. Where is Ralphie located? We are in Sussex.

ed and rebecca said...

Hi Karen, we are in Kent. If you email Lesley she will pass on your email address to us.

ed and rebecca said...

Thank you Rod and Chris. Hester has been absolutely fine, just one of those things.

Sarah and Tony said...

We're keeping all our fingers and paws crossed that Ralphie finds the right home to settle and enjoy. He is such a lovley but sensitive soul.
Love and best wishes Ralphie from Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper