28 September 2013

Guess Where Boy Has Been?

Ireland Sept 2013 033

Ireland Sept 2013 207

Wonder if the clever bloggers can guess where Boy and I went for our holidays?

I'll give you some clues!
We had to get a ferry! They use euros but despite decades of jokes about the inhabitants' intelligence they have the sense to drive on the correct side of the road. Boy needed a pet passport but (luckily*) didn't need to go to the vet for tapeworm treatment before we returned. I am sure by now many of you will have guessed the country, but for those very clever bloggers who might want to guess a more accurate location – the town nearest to the lovely seaside house we rented is famous for its a
ncient fair each August that involves the animal pictured behind Boy in the first picture! I say luckily because we had to cut short out hols after 8 days, I had been fit enough to trip over and bang my knee and as I was wearing binoculars on  my chest! The knee got better but the pain in the chest got worse so we called it a day after our first full week I have to say this was one of the best hols, despite my accident, that we  ever had! If anyone wants details of the house I rented let me know, it was right opposite an amazing pebble beach with stunning views and very well situated for touring this gorgeous, fascinating friendly (and dog friendly) part of the world. We must have visited about 25 beaches in 7 days, all dog friendly!

Thank you Andrea a holiday to remember in more ways than one!  I think you and Boy will be back there before to long, sounds like you had a wonderful time.



Never realised that you needed a passport for Ireland as it's a member of the EU. So here's a couple of questions for debate.

As Northern Ireland is part of the UK do you need one for the Belfast Dog Show ??

Will we need one for Scotland when and if it becomes independent next year ??

Andrea from Neath said...

Apparently you didnt used to need a pet passport for Ireland till earlier this year - you can still take your dog in to Ireland but it's coming back into the UK that might be problematic! N Ireland is part of the UK - it isnt mentioned separately as an EU or Non EU country on the web here's the link https://www.gov.uk/pet-travel-information-for-pet-owners Interesting point about Scotland, I doubt they'll worry about minute details like this for some time if at all though!

jacqueline said...

Must be puck fair

Andrea from Neath said...

Well done Jacqueline, Killorglin with its Puck Fair indeed! We stayed right on the beach at Cromane.