11 September 2013

Introducing Cassidy and Sundance

P1000036 (2)

I'm rubbish on computers so will be surprised if this works but if it does these are our two dogs.. Bitch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Cassidy is  the lighter one about 18 months and Sunny about 10 months. Smashing dogs who are better known as Cassie and Sunny.I hope I've done this right kind regards kevin

Thank you Kevin your computer skills seem fine, and welcome to the blog. Cassie and Sunny look very focused on something, I wonder if you have a treat in your hand?


k9 said...

Welcome to the Blog and so nice to see more culldy little Bedlingtons and a big woof, woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz
From The K9 Marshal Crew

Andrea from Neath said...

What a stunning photo of two good looking dogs! love the names. I havent had a chance to pick names for any dogs yet (have kept the names my two rescue dogs had when they came to me) but those are at the top of my list if every I get a chance!