22 September 2013

Nearly Won The Class!!!!


Had a good weekend Parker had 3 clear rounds and I nearly won the agility this morning. He was going so well but on a a tight turn at the second to last fence  I tripped over my shoe lace and went flying!! Picked myself up and finished the course with a clear round. By the time we had finished we were still clear but gained 4 time faults. There was only 1 other clear round and Parker came in  2nd but may have won!
Our next outing is October the 12 at the Barn Dog Training Centre Middleton Cheyne. Yes you’ve guessed it I am off there first thing for 8 pm to run Parker in the agility and then hot footing it down to the village hall to show him in veteran at the BTA Championship Show. Dorothy hope you will excuse his dirty legs!!!



Looks like you are back on your feet again Lesley,good.

Agathasmum Louise said...

You would never guess that Parker is a veteran, when you see him going round that agility course. Go Parks!!!!