18 September 2013

No Stopping The K9 Crew.


Sapphire and Jazz here, we hope everyone is ok and keeping warm in this cool weather, well were do Jazz and I start? Since our last report we have been so busy with our Uncle Ian. A couple of weekends ago after we went banger racing  we went to Shawbury to do the last dog display of the year, everything was going well until we went to set up the equipment in the ring, and it chucked it down with rain,  all of us were wet through by the time we finished the display. Once we were on the road for home Uncle Ian put the  heating on for Jazz and myself to dry off and get warm. During the week Jazz and I heard that there were some famous people and props coming to Ellesmere to the festival, we were trying to guess who, or what they might be. On the weekend we found out it was the actual props from BBC's Gerry Andersons programme  Stingray, Thunderbirds. Captain Scarlet and Dr Who ( there was 2 Daleks and Stavros the leader of the Darleks). Then on the Sunday Uncle Ian took Jazz and myself to Whittington Castle to meet up with our friend from, Radio Shropshire (Johnty O'Donnty) who made a big fuss of us,  we remember being live on air while we helped him with a treasure hunt clue.

Then today (Wednesday) Uncle Ian raced home from work at dinner time and picked Jazz and myself up and we went to a place up the road called Bangor-On Dee near Wrexham (where the horse racing takes place). Once there we asked Uncle Ian why we were there,  we bumped into an old friend of Ian who he used to work with. While we were having a fuss he, told us that it was the Tour of Britain Bike race with a certain Sir Wiggins racing at the front of the field, and boy they weren't hanging around, they was going like the clappers. Once the roads were open again Uncle Ian took us for a nice walk down by the River Dee and jazz and  had a very nice adventures  even had a paddle in a nice shallow part of the river.


So you see we are still busy for the time been and we are off this Sunday to give a helping paw or two at a little dog show the other side of Shrewsbury and show them how lovely Bedlingtons are!! So for now we will say woof, woof, woof and catch up with you all real soon.  From Jazz and Sapphire Pups (Aka The K9 Marshal Crew)

Wow you two!!  Ian certainly takes you to some fantastic places, I think you will miss  not having fuss and attention from your fans. Saying this there always seems plenty going on in Shrewsbury area all the year round. Looking forward to your next report, enjoy your day at the dog show. 

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Paul / Debbie said...

we love to read about jazz and sapphires outings,they are very funny dogs.