11 September 2013

The Lowbrook Sisters


Here is little Flo, I think she loves me  Princess Lowbrook Llanelli (Ellie) on her throne. I don't think she is spoilt, no ;-) CorinneCIMG4121 (800x533)

China is sending Ratty and Rabbit on vacation to Oz!! Louise

We  welcome Corinne with Flo, China’s sister to the blog. She looks so comfy on her throne, can I join her? Now China has decided to emigrate down under and take ratty and rabbit with her, she looks very determined! 


Andrea from Neath said...

Fab pics, must get a rat for Boy one day soon!

Stuart said...

Lucy says welcome to the blog to her daughter and grand daughters.
Hope the rat and the rabbit get on with the 'possums!