12 September 2013

We catch up In Florida With The Marikov Bedlingtons

Thought to get a couple of pics of the family and decided to send them for the blog.
The first is Holmes with his kitty, Hoover.  Holmes is staying here with me.  The next one is  brother Sammy, the third is proud Daddy Billy Bob and then of course, Mum, Molly, who does not have time to pose for pics.  And next to last is Sammy drinking water from a bucket with some very thorny cactus pieces in it, while their bucket sits next to it.  BEDLINGTONS, there is no explaining their behaviours!!!!
The very last pic is the 3rd generation from Billy Bob.  This is Otis, who is sired by Marikov Whirlin' Merlin O'Gipcyan, who lives in Maryland with Trazy Peltz.  Tracy started in Bedlys 20 years ago with a bitch from my Marikov lines.
I look at  these pics am pleased everyday with the consistency I am seeing from this breeding.  Many thanks to Sandra, Stewart & Angie. MaryLou







sammymolly 2


Thank you MaryLou it is great to catch up with the Florida team.Otis looks a very handsome young man.


Unknown said...

Thanks Lesley. He is quite a handsome fellow. And, he has a Mum who is VERY proud of him.
Every baby coming down from my breeding to Billy Bob has been very consistant. What more can I ask for?

Mary Lou & The Woof Gang

billy said...

did he kill the cat?

Unknown said...

Nah. He is a good boy. Holmes, that I kept, is the devil dog!!!!!!!


Hello Mary Lou

Dogs looking nice, hope you are OK as well.

The Makems