13 September 2013

What have Jazz And Sapphire Been Up To?



Hello Everyone,
Its Sapphire and Jazz here (again lol), we did say that we will be back soon. Well what a surprise yesterday  for Jazz and myself. Although Uncle Ian was working this weekend he had four and a half hours in the afternoon yesterday ( Sunday) to take us for our afternoon walk. We got into the Bedlie Limo and went to a funny sounding place just the other side of Oswestry called Llanmynech,  we turned down this very dusty farm lane and there were a lot of people standing watching something or other in the middle of a very big field. As we got nearer Jazz and I realized is was one of the yearly banger race meeting that we marshal on.  As we got into the field a lot of the people recognized us and came over to give us lots of fuss , we even had a free sausage from the food van for being good dogs. Not only that but the organizers took us round the track in one of the banger cars and then we did an hours marshalling  for them, the only trouble now is Jazz and I want to get a car of our own but Uncle Ian will have to drive it ha ha ha but Jazz and I think he is mad enough without doing banger racing as well.
To say we had a great afternoon is an understatement now we are gearing ourselves up for the last dog display of the year this weekend so Jazz and I are going to finish this year of with a good performance.  When we see the pictures of the display we will try and send them to the blog so you can see them to. So for now bye bye and don't get working to hard everyone,  Jazz and I hope you all have a good day and week and an even better weekend Sapphire and Jazz signing off until our next report xxxxx

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire, enjoy your last dog display but hope it is not on Sunday as the weather forecast is for storms!


Unknown said...

We sure would love to have you come across the pond and help marshall our Meet The Breed Booth at the AKC/Eukanuba Show here in FL in Dec.
Mary Lou & The Woof Gang

Sarah and Tony said...

you are very brave going in those beat up cars. sounds as though you had lots of fun

k9 said...

One day we will come over (when we win the Lottery) Mary Lou and as for the banger car Sarah and Tony it ended up a right wreck and we all laughed at all the mayhem thet we caused :) it was great fun