22 October 2013

Auction For The Bedlington Terrier Health Group



An online, Facebook auction is being held to raise much needed funds for the Bedlington Terrier Health Group, which is composed of members from the 3 bedlington breed societies; National Bedlington Terrier Club, Bedlington Terrier Association and Midland Bedlington Terrier Club. The Group has recently funded tests, including a liver biopsy, at Chestergates Veterinary Hospital, for a very sick pet bedlington.

The auction begins on October 27th at 5.00pm and continues until October 31st at 8.00pm. To see the items on offer you do need to be registered with Facebook, or have a friend who is. Just search for Bedlington Terrier Auction, and request to be added to the Group. You will then be able to view everything that will be going into the auction, and donate your own item if you wish. Bidding is simple, you just post your bid under the relevant photo, and then watch to see if you have won your item. You can bid as many times as you like during the auction.

We currently have over 80 items, including a beautiful original artwork from the breed’s own renowned artist Viv Rainsbury; a unique Reiku bedlington sculpture from well known Devon sculptor and bedlington owner Brian Andrew; grooming sessions with some of the best groomers from the show ring today, an agility lesson with agility and obedience trainer Lesley Caines; and lots more. We have books including ‘The Bedlington Terrier’ by Ken Bounden and ‘An Eye for a Second Century’ by the late Ian Phillips, plus many other items. There is something for everyone, even if you don’t own a bedlington.

If you don’t want to take part in the auction but would like to make a donation to the fundraiser, a special Paypal account has been opened to take all monies. The address of the account is: bedlingtonauction@gmail.com.

At the end of the auction you will be able to see the winning bid for each item, and the total raised will be published on Facebook. We will also be asking all 3 of the societies to publish the final details of the auction, and most importantly, the amount of money raised.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has already donated items for this auction – we still need many more items to add to the list!!

Thank you everybody, for your support.


Agathasmum Louise said...

We have some really great items to suit all pockets. Please support this auction and lets raise the funds for the Health Group, so that they will be able to help other dogs in need, just as they helped Marley.

Thanks everyone.

Julie said...

Well done to everyone in involved in organising this auction. Thanks for all the hard work that you have already put in. Hope together we can make a lot of money for a very good cause.