30 October 2013

Bedlington Terrier Health Group Auction Closes Tomorrow At 8pm



Don't forget the Bedlington Terrier Auction to raise funds for the Bedlington Terrier Health Group! Just go to the Bedlington Terrier Auction group page and we will add you to the group. Over 100 wonderful items available, nearly everything can be posted overseas, so there is something for everyone!! The auction runs until Thursday night at 8.00pm.!! Louise



Stuart said...

Come on guys and gals, lets see some more bidding! There's something in the auction to match all pockets. What can be more important than the health of our lovely breed. New developments in the research for Copper Toxicosis could create quite a drain on the Health group's resources so even if you don't "do" facebook find a friend who does and get bidding!
Just a day to go now.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Here, Here!! Plenty go at, so place a bid....